Conclusion 01/17/2008

To those whom i may have hurt, I am truly sorry.
To those who hurt me, it doesn't matter anymore.

Cause my heart's been stolen.
My soul's been stolen.
Stolen, split and unrepaired.
I am not who i am.
I am but an empty shell.

What a wonderful year.

I've met new people.

Local and otherwise.

I've been through more experiences than i've ever in St Gabs.

SRJC is a great school with tonnes of areas to improve on.

I realised how offices worked. What to do and what not.

And the recognition of Those Whom We Should Be Careful Of.

I've made many wonderful girl friends but none is as suited for me as the one who i have not found.

Studies are important, that i assure you. And it will be the driving force which will excel me further in this dieing world.

Here's my resolution as a conclusion to everything for you,
1) I will be my best self where ever i go.
2) I will brush up on my people skills( it obviously needs touching up)
3) I will be serious in all of my businesses, work and studies.
4) I will find the her whom i have not found.
As a final statement, i will say this: to all of my friends whom supported me through this year, i thank you and i'm not afraid to say that i love you.

And to the person with the i-know-it-all attidude who turned me off blogging,  _|_

Feathers 12/18/2007

Feathers to Fly

A Heart which do not lie

A Heart True to Whomever

18th December

A Date to Remember

I am not the same person i was,
 the previous December.

And never will I be the same again

18th December


Cheers to our one-week anniversary of acquaintance!

May it have lasted longer than it should!

May it last longer than it has!

May it be more than affinity!

May it be more than fate!

May it last!





10th December 2007


Rain fell, dust washed.

Let us celebrate our one-week anniversary of acquaintance with the fine people of Sacred Heart Canossian College!

I'm getting reaaallllyyyy lazy nowadays......

10th December 2007


Here's the math that i learnt in HK. Its abit complicated but I'll show you.

First up, A poet com's up with a sentimental phrase that goes like ===

"Time is never on our side. The affinity to meet is an opportunity to treasure."
               -Wong Ding jie

Add it together with an even better poet, you'll get this
So they came, they left.
We "hea"ed, we laughed.
We slept (yes, right in class), we paid attention.
We ate, we wasted.
We talked and talked and talked.
I wish we had chatted more.
same age, same race, same grade,
different culture, different origins, different experiences,
boundless areas to talk about.
Again, time is never on our side."
                                                 -Lisa Cheng

Then comes the critic, claiming that it doesn't work that way! Oh no what ever are we gonna do? No worries people! Here comes Michelle to the rescue!

Let P(n) be the proposition that
"In n, Time is not on our side"

Assume P(n) is true for n= this second
i.e. Time is not on our side this second

When n=the next second
Time is also not on our side.

so P(this second+1) is also true.

so by mathematical induction, P(n) is true for all positive integers n.

time is never on our side ;)"
                                   -Michelle Fong


And there we have it dear readers!

However, upon seeing that all the other poets wrote so much, he writes a longer poem again, while still believing that the shorter phrase have more impact.

The new one goes something like

"So we went.
 Apologies for my spartan self,
 For I am not rich in fashion wealth.
 Apologies to my new found friends,
 For the time to go is around the bend.
 And so, We Left. 
 Hearts melt and Tears welled.
 Regret, Regret, Regret,
 That Time is Never with Us.
 There were none for us to take it all in.
 The Time to take in their characters,
 Personalities and their faces that is.

 i too wished that we'd have more time to chat.
 I too wish that it could have lasted.
 But that, Time will never grant.

 From Chemistry to Ping Pong Balls,
 From Lunch to Waste,
 From English to Boredom,
 From Mathematics to Time,
 These are the things which i will never forget.

 From Gloria to Heidi,
 From Janice to Emmy,
 From Karen to Lisa,
 These are the people whom i'll treasure forever.

 How cruel it is, that time brought us together only to force us apart.
 How cruel it is, that it ended.
 How fortunate it is, that this is only the dawn of a new beginning.""""""

 7th December 2007


Goodbye! :)

2nd December 2007

I was wrong. 11/26/2007

I thot i was stupid.

I thot i was wrong.

Turns out that i was wrong! I was wrong because i thought i was wrong 'cos when inf act, i was right.

Its been so, so very long since i last saw her. I thought i had forgotten. I thought i went numb. But when i just caught a glimpse of her back, the sight just blew my mind away.

That Hair, those hands, those movements.

And i was only 89% sure that that was her, And it was only her back

I was blown away.

Hope she's alright....

27th November 2007


Doesn't matter whether the results show.

Doesn't matter what YOU THINK.

Doesn't matter what YOU SAY.

What YOU THINK and what YOU SAY is probably true currently. But not for long.

YOU WILL NEVER imagine what i'm learning now. YOU  WILL NEVER be able to foresee what i can do. Don't underestimate academics.


Lack of experience? Fuck that. I can gain that any time i want.

Need A-standard english? DOESN'T TAKE THAT MUCH really.

I'm not stupid? Well duh, THAT much not stupid than you.

Don't go around thinking that you own the world. You made it sound as though you could kill me off as easily. but i've read up. There may be consequences, but just not exactly what you've mentioned.

See I have evidence. Books, talks. I thank my school, especially the economics department for arranging a talk from a certain Mr Fong/Foong (not quite sure there). It supported my dear friend's stand and made it all quite clear. The Key to Success is actually ******

Thats the difference between us.


But i have to thank you. Now i have a new determination, much stronger than ever before. "So whats the difference?" you may ask..

Try... A DEGREE.

And in relative terms, regardless of our goals and what not, I will be more than successful than YOU. Period.

uh uh I'm not talking about you honey, I'm talking about YOU.

This is how long you've had me pent it up like that. You wont like whats coming at you. Enjoy while you can and give me some time.

Don't underestimate modern-day academics.

24th November 2007


hmmmmms already its like quite fun. Well of course since im with the people whom i already know

But is it the right choice to make?

The Opportunity Cost is the OGL thing. If i don't go then i most probably wont know any juniors in J1 next year. But hey man whats the biggie?

Hong Kong. Somehow there's still apprehension and hesitation swimming inside me. Not sure whether its the right thing to do. 'Cos i'm stepping out of my comfort zone here.

Yup its uncomfortable.

But I'm sure it'll be fun! What with four close Pre-U Sem members going too and half of the members there would be from my class!!

lolz more on it later.

12th November 2007


The holidays are meant for? MOVIES

I've been missing out on so very much of those. Felt very sian every time i missed a great show but i'll forget soon after. But do I want to forget?  Hell no.

Thats where holidays come in! In exchange of studying every moment of my life, i can transform into a couch potato!  And actually enjoy all the movies i want without moving an inch. Although Movie-ing out with friends still sits better with me.

Watch Memoirs of a Geisha, Mr and Mrs Smith and the Game Plan! So very touching. With the exception of Game Plan, I was truly moved by:::

The longing of one another.
The Cruel first bite.
The Bittersweet aftertaste.
If you've watched Mr and Mrs Smith, you should find that the ending was absolutely perfect. To be able to do something great together with the one you love, the teamwork, the mo4 qi4, and in such a grand fashion.

Shit. My mind is swimming into forbidden territories.
Forbade by me of course.

6th November 2007


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