This page can be considered irrelevant but as a proof and symbol of my past, i shall leave it up for my own personal reflection.

The Past----------Versus----------The Present
                     T h e       f u t u r e

Alright. Here's my take on the Community Champions Council (SRJC)

We'll start it off from the top, when it all started (for the BatchO7')
---CCC---The Past

What i felt was wrong with CCC was its operating system. Miscommunication wreaked havoc and caused countless misgivings between the new members(Juniors) and the current members(Seniors). Infomation wasn't passed around and people weren't getting the infomation they need.

During the CCA try-outs, temp-Juniors were separated into temp-teams with weird names ( though this isn't really the point) and were told to start immediately on their temp-work. A couple of Seniors were added to "guide" the temp-teams in carrying out their temp-work.

                                                           While some were contented
                                          ..........others were completely ignored..........

                                                              The Exco Interview
Well.... we all thought that it would be simply an interview to decide who gets to be in the exco and who doesn't.
Simple. Straightforward. Easy to comprehend.

Now for the juicy part!
Again miscommunication had bulldozed away at whatever's left of my faith in CCC. What the Juniors were told was that CAMP would start PUNCTUALLY at 5.30PM that friday but in reality,  CAMP actually starts at around 7PM and that the time in-between were intended for the Juniors to go home, put our school bags down (severely weighted with books and paper), grap our CAMPing needs and get our asses back to school.

Reality evades us.

Many of the Juniors had, unfortunately, lugged their school bags together with their CAMPing needs to school only to find out that all the trouble could have been avoided if the Seniors were better with their people skills.

The CAMP itself was horrible.

I would have understood all that the Seniors are going through, I would have forgiven everything, if only the Seniors were (once again) better at their people skills.

Take the P and the VP for examples. They were merely shouting out orders for the Juniors to follow. They were never leading. They never had our respect. I have never seen them treating everybody as equals. I have never heard them talk to Juniors at the same level.

Worst of all...... they weren't the only ones.

The other Seniors were almost as bad. I have never met anyone who would turn away from a conversation and do something else right in the middle of it. Well... at least until about 10 minutes into CAMP. Plain rude i tell'ya! Some of the Seniors were not bad, able to befriend us, communicate and I had a great time with them although half the time they seem to be unaware of the up and coming programmes.

So you think thats all?

During one of the games, the P had lectured my group(Elvis Presly) for having no team work at all. I seriously felt like walking away right then and there. Why? Who is she to tell us about team spirit and organisation, not to mention about leadership, when i don't even see that in her(oops i meant the whole of CCC).

Thats only for the afternoon.

Guess what happened at night?

The Seniors interviewed the Juniors(see above) and selected a special many out. The Seniors had the Juniors vote the exco out of the selected many. What did the Juniors vote for? WE had no idea. So you mean those who weren't voted were out? Oops. They're still IN but they're OUT of the exco.


Basically, the past was a rojak of those who try to be, those who gave up being and those who weren't. Animosity towards CCC built up and hopes for a better CCC were dashed.

---CCC---The Present

i can't say that CCC have changed much. The leadership still MIA (they ignore me),  infomation still does not get to all of its intended reciepients and it aint getting any better.

Although I swear I remember that we all had pledged to make a difference during CAMP.

Pardon me for getting personal here, but for the CCC, don't take me lightly. Don't think that i'll accept anything that comes my way. Oh? Seniors think I'm crap and leave me as a photographer but Juniors think I'm the "right person for the job" and put me as Heartware Liason.

I'm truly grateful to those who think I'm up to it and it really gives strength to move on with the acknowledement that you've presented to me.

But i must decline. If you've decided... then DECIDE. This involves me and you don't tell me personally?
Have to wait until Fadilah chances by me before i catch wind of it. DECIDE. Put me somewhere where i'm secure, let me know that I even have a PLACE in CCC.

Even within each INDIVIDUAL committee, people are still foreign to each other, much less to say the entire organisation. They have know idea who's who and what's what in the committees and there's just no team-spirit!  (who am i to lecture them right?)

Can CCC even be considered a CCA?

Received news that CCC exco members have to be one of the top 60% of the cohort.

If not they'll be kicked out of exco and the next-in-lines will take over.

Whats the point of having us go through that horrid, horrid camp only to kick us out?

Whats the point of having us elect our exco for they're "leadership" qualities when grades are still the deciding factor?

Furthermore, will the next-in-lines be up to the challenge? Since they aren't originally chosen, it would mean, to a certain extent, that they are not up to the mark to be one of the excos. Passing the job onto them would be a burden for them. They'll find it hard to coordinate the members, they won't be able to cope with their studies(assuming that they already reached the 60% mark) and they'll be labelled as "second-class leaders" either by members, teachers and even by themselves ( for surely they'll feel the pridelessness).

Changing Hearts? Damned right. You definitely changed my heart.
Serving with Passion? Damned right again. You extinguished it!
Changing Hearts? Pui ah! There is no heart.
Serving with Passion? Pui ah! Serve your own right!

How is the Community Champions Council supposed to give hope to others when all it does is to take hope away from our very own? If we can't even do that internally, what kind of false vibes would we be sending out to others?

It defeats the purpose!!!
---CCC---The Future

                                                    CCC does not stand for Chit-Chat-Club.
                                                                 This i truly believe.