!!!To All From SG24!!!
         and                                       WELCOME
!!!Everyone else!!!

Haha Remember that we're all from SG24 and nothing will ever change that fact!! I'm Bloging now at 8.04 am and terribly missing the time spent in the canteen with our blazers on and waiting for the bus to the audi! Talked to Christine ytd. Don't sad yah? its not like everything's over. It's just the beginning and continuation of the beautiful friendships found during Pre-U Sem !

Especially the Braces
With this i shall stop
27 may 2007

Kindred Spirits Definitely

I found her.

She is a close copy of my personality and I, too, am a close copy of her's. The things i do are what the things she will too. The things i don't are the things she won't. She has my good points and i have her's.  We share the same flaws through and through(k lah i still dun0 much).

The will and ability to maintain a relationship, in the most basic of forms, when neither one of us are able to meet nor communicate effectively. Neither of us are willing to push forward in fear of losing something we hold dear. A xenophobic status quo....

As siblings, as friends and as more. Regardless of which, having her around again would be the second best period of time this year, with the first being my first time with her of course. Unfortunately, whether this is reciprocated i know not.
What should i do next?

Nothing carnal
Nothing philosophical
Just pure enjoyment of the moment.

EDIT: well from the short time that we've interacted, this is by far what i can tell best.
4th October 2007

One of my best personal favourite posts yet!